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Couples who participate in a Marriage Preparation Class are less likely to divorce. Our educational program is best defined as knowledge and skills-based training, which aims at providing couples with information on ways to improve their relationship.

Set Your Marriage Up for Success:

Have you ever read the "Secretes of Success" from couples married for fifty years? Their words of wisdom are: "we don't go to bed angry", "we try to laugh a lot," "we just take it one day at a time."

While snappy and simple, these principles take a lot of work and determination.  

Couples who go through Marriage Education can learn these principles for success (and more) and put them into practice.

Diffuse Any Ticking Time Bombs that Could Threaten Your Relationship:

Everyone carries some form of baggage into their relationship.  Marriage is the room where the luggage gets unpacked. Marriage Education can provide the opportunity to screen baggage, identify the threats, address and resolve them, thereby diffusing the ticking time bombs.

Topics Covered in Class:

  • An Understanding of Marriage

  • Family of Origin

  • Human Natural Wiring, "Why men and women act the way they do."

  • Expectations

  • Assumptions

  • Communication

  • Decision Making

  • Meeting Each Others Needs

  • Managing Emotions

  • How to Fight Fairly

  • Financial Decisions

  • Couples' Commitment Agreement "A road map for your marriage and relationship."

​Dr. Butcher is a certified Marriage & Relationship Educator by the National Marriage Centers.